Caroline Henderson was born in Stockholm, and in 1983 she moved to Copenhagen.

Musical career



As a teenager she sang in various jazz bands, and in 1989 she got her breakthrough in Denmark, when she and fellow singer Maria Bramsen formed the band RayDeeOh. In 1995 Caroline Henderson released her first solo album, ‘Cinemataztic’. In 2013 she releases her 11th album, ‘Lonely House’, interpretations of Kurt Weill.
Her albums have been released internationally, and through the years Caroline Henderson has received several nominations and won eight Danish Music Awards.

Caroline tours in Denmark as well as abroad, and has performed as an official representative for Denmark on several occasions, among them the Queen’s visit to Tanzania.

Plays, movies, tv

photo: Thomas Cato

Jazz, Love & Henderson

Caroline Henderson has performed in a several movies including the Spanish drama “Tuya Siempre”, which won three awards at the Malaga film Festival.

She won great critical acclaim in the Howard Barker play “Dead, Dead, Very Dead”, directed by Jacob Shokking; starred in Peter Langdals production of Don Juan in the fall of 2007, and performed vocally in the ballet ‘Love Songs’ in 2011.

In 2012 Caroline Henderson produced her own theater/concert show ‘Jazz, Love & Henderson’ which sold 20.000 tickets.

On TV Caroline has hosted a series of jazz programmes.


Since 2002 Caroline Henderson has been a goodwill ambassador for Unicef with special attention to violence against children.

Karamoja, Uganda Karamoja, Uganda Karamoja, Uganda


Caroline supports Okobarn, a campaign for better health and organic products for children.

In 2010 Caroline Henderson was awarded with the Order of Dannebrog.